Summer’s back

We’re so lucky!

Getting to an end with the Council project…here a little edit of the last couple of days.

Evening in Kingsland Rd

The Tea building, Shoreditch

The Turkish AlevĂ­ centre in Ridley Road.


Commuting from Kingsland Road.

School boy

Trapped in Dalston

In my attempt to photograph the A10 from Shoreditch to Stamford Hill, I got completely trapped in Dalston. I just love it…

Kingsland Road


Red Art Cafe

Barber Shop, Stoke Newington Road

Mini Cab Office next to the 23 Bar

Yildiray and his dog, Adana Snooker Club

From Shoreditch to Stamford Hill

Since back from Spain, I am working on a commission for the Hackney Council about the cultural diversity along the A10 (Kingsland Rd, Stoke Newington Rd and Stamford Hill rd). The dead line is at the end of the month so I don’t have much time. I have been shooting for about 4 days, getting comfortable on the field and trying to gain access to different ‘cultural activities’ such turkish ‘only for members’ clubs or cuban habanos cigars smoking rooms. So far I have been lucky in terms of the weather and in having the possibility to go to the Hackney carnival which took place last weekend along the A10. For now I got some street shots. Here I am posting a few:

Freeman, Dalston

Corner cafe

Bus Stop, Dalston Kingsland

Stoke Newington Rd

Stoke Newington Rd

Dalston Kingsland

Ridley Road

Bus stop, Stamford Hill rd

Peace, Dalston

Bus Stop, Kingsland Rd

Stoke Newington Rd

Dalston Kingsland

Methodist Churchyard, Stoke Newington













Stoke Newington