Hackney Portraits

I don’t feel very confident when it takes to do portraits. I am just very clumsy when telling them what to do, how to pose (or not pose). They are the ones who are supposed to feel unconfortable but it is normally me and eventually they are the ones who welcome me in their houses, make me feel relaxed and sometimes make possible an acceptable portrait.

Shirley at her house in Homerton

Shirley at her house in Homerton

Valerie in the new Trowbridge Estate housing cooperative office, Hackney Wick.

Yashar in the Alevi Centre, Dalston.

The Wick

I have been commissioned by the Hackney Museum to produce an image representative of the Hackney Wick to be on a poster. In the middle of my wedding season storm I found some time early morning while my computer was still rendering from the evening before. I have lots of images from the Wick that could be used, but just found fun and challenging to go and look for an image…