London Commuters #8

This is the first post of 2013! Following a few more portraits from my project ‘Commuters’. Soon I will have to start making decisions on how I present the series and what sort of discourse/narrative I want to create. And the most important, what am I showing in this series? Do these pictures evoke something? Or are just a cold and systematic record of everyday train commuters in London?

Commuters #9

London Commuters#7

I had a bit of free time the last week so I have worked quite actively on the commuters.¬†Somehow I am starting to shape it. At the beginning I was trying different angles and distances, experimenting; now I know what kind of images I am looking for. These are anonymous subjects yet very recognizable. I am thinking also about creating images with black silouetted anonymous commuter crowds to go with this series as a counterpoint. I am also thinking of the possibility to partner with a writer…


The Wick

I have been commissioned by the Hackney Museum to produce an image representative of the Hackney Wick to be on a poster. In the middle of my wedding season storm I found some time early morning while my computer was still rendering from the evening before. I have lots of images from the Wick that could be used, but just found fun and challenging to go and look for an image…